JLM Focus on Human Trafficking

 On January 14th 2020, Milwaukee leaders working to raise awareness and empower survivors of sex trafficking presented during a JLM General Membership Meeting.

Presenters included Debra Fields of Sojourner Family Peace Center, Drs Angela Rabbitt and Wendi Ehrman of Healthcare Collaborative Against Sex Trafficking (HCAST), and representatives of the LOTUS Legal Clinic and the Untold Stories Program. Heightened awareness of the community, law enforcement, and health care providers has led to an increase in cases reported – trafficked victims are hidden in plain sight.

The membership learned about resources available through these programs, who to call if we suspect sex trafficking is occurring (1-888-3737-888), the Safe Harbor Law currently in committee in the Wisconsin legislature, and ways we can support survivors.

For additional information please read more about what you can do in the newly prepared
JLM Resource Guide – Human Trafficking. Each of us can use our special skills to ABOLISH sex slavery. Thank you to St. Joan Antida High School for hosting and thank you to Sherrill Knezel, Meaningful Marks, for doing a graphic recording of the event.