MCFI Orientation

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Dear Members,

CPPC is thrilled to announce that the orientation process for volunteering at MCFI has begun!

We are excited for our members to complete the on-boarding process with MCFI. This process is not required, but we highly recommend it so that you can participate in the many upcoming volunteer opportunities at MCFI. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer and working with JLM initiatives at MCFI, you will need to complete this process.

The Community Program Planning Committee has been working hard to provide members with the tools needed to make this process simple.

Our GMM on February 10th will be an orientation session to volunteering at MCFI. For those who will be participating in this session, a completed application is due to Manadra Rainey (her contact information is on the last sheet of the application) by January 15th. In preparation for the orientation meeting, please read through the MCFI Fast Facts and the Volunteer and Internship Handbook (form 4.) NOTE: Do not send form 4 to your printer. It is 50 pages long. Instead, download it to a mobile device and read it at your leisure.

Please follow these steps to participate in the on-boarding process:

  1. Complete and submit the application to MCFI by January 15th.
  2. Review the forms below and attend the February 10th orientation GMM
    1. MCFI Fast Facts
    2. MCFI Volunteer and Internship Handbook
    3. Concentra Authorization for Examination or Treatment
  3. Complete a TB skin test or provide documentation of a negative result from within the past 3 months. Details will be given at the February GMM.

If you have any questions about the process, application, or orientation please feel free to contact CPPC at